No. 68105 PT

Premium Tea Set 
Containing 50 g Jasmine Ball Tea 茉莉繍球, 
30 g Jasmine Pearls Tea 茉莉龍珠. 
and 45 g Pu Erh Tou Cha 普洱沱茶. 

Jasmine Ball Tea : 苿莉繡球.      Origin : Fujian 褔建 Province, China.

Entirely handmade, special grade green tea woven into small balls and scented with jasmine flowers. Unfolds into a chrysanthemum-like flower upon infusion. It has low level of caffeine and has a soft Green tea flavour.

Jasmine Pearl Tea : 苿莉龍珠.    Origin : Fujian 褔建 Province, China.

Superb Jasmine tea from Fujian province. It has a crisp, delicate taste and wonderful aroma. A perfect accompaniment with rich tasting foods.

Pu Erh Tou Cha : 普洱沱茶.       Origin : Yunnan 雲南 Province, China.

This black Pu Erh tea is pressed into small cakes shaped like a “bird nest”. It has a mellow flavour with some of the classic Pu-Erh earthiness. Pu Erh tea has been highly regarded as a general tonic and an aid to digestion. It has been suggested that this tea can help reduce body weight as well as cholesterol.

HK$ $340.00
US$   $38.50